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Lovesong Imperfect

...Delilah is played by Sara Koviak and clearly carries the entire production, she is full of energy, humor, wit, delivering the beautiful one liners with perfect timing. Throughout the production Sara Koviak hits every emotion from love to depression with a theatrical conviction...(

...Sara is a beast onstage...

Have You Seen Calvin?

... With her ability to pull off both 1950s innocence and the endearing yet decidedly kinky S&M world, she may very well bring fantasies to life as Mrs. Davis... (


Pretty Babies

... graceful, dangerous and often sexy and scary all at once. (

... dominates every soul she encounters, knowing precisely how to

    get what she wants. (

... Wild girl Randi.  (

... skills shine thru... put simply, bravo!  (


... a virtual all-star as she takes on many female roles in the play with different

    visual appearances... so good in the role (



Elsinore County

... the brashness of Joan Collins on Dynasty.   (

... filled with sex appeal.   (


"Delilah" in Lovesong Imperfect

"Randi" in Pretty Babies

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